Workshop 03



Workshop 02


The morning exercise of writing down words was helpful, in order to break stereotypes the group helped me list possible stereotypes.

At the moment we have:

A rabbit who doesn’t want to conform to the social expectations of being a rabbit

Hard time for the rabbit subverting

But ultimately this subversion is a good thing (?) as social expectations are challenged.

Workshop no.1

Response to animatic:

protagonist and antagonist

Why are the rabbits oppressed by wolves? ‘Because it’s always been like that’

Why would a rabbit shoot a gun? When it’s a human being.

Revolution – overthrowing government and change

What was the method – how resolved?

end – reversed situation

metaphorical story

political statement – anthropomorphic


One guy gets suspicious, looks at process and finds out how it’s made. Tells people. Do they care?

Fulfilling function, symbiotic nature – balance

Critique of societal cyclic function, sees process, wants change

Nihilism, Dystopia

Of this time, make it more contemporary and less generic/more specific

Storyboard for a Title Sequence:


Cut to meat package

Circle – James Bond, suggests assassination

Combine 2 ideas – 1 metaphor

The more the shapes become primitive shapes, the more ambiguous they become

Idea of 2 levels – Metropolis, Time Machine – above and below – social structure

Gas room – make really obviously horrible – security, remains, clues

X – criss cross pattern – motif, happens repeatedly

resolve to title

Book ends – upstairs at beginning, down at end – needs spatially sign posting

bucolic scene – holiday in Canada, river flows down – bloody.

Apply what I have learnt from this exercise into my animatic, especially the above and below social concept.

A second attempt:


In this version I wanted to focus on a primitive shape, the circle, however as it developed I noticed some things which were more valuable to my film, such as the criss cross and hourglass. It is still inclusive of the circle.