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Too Calm, needs to be a whole lot more dramatic and tense!

In a dimly lit house on top of a cliff, dinner table is being prepared. 3 (alpha, wife, cub) wolves are being leisurely, sitting, reading paper/book. Female is putting on make up.

Doorbell rings. Wolf cub excitedly opens front door, there stands ‘wolf’ friend. Pan around him to reveal rabbit ears and tail. He enters the house, door closes behind him. [dramatic sound]. Rabbit rug on floor.

Cub introduces rabbit to parents, who shake his hand. Alpha seems hard to please. Hand on rabbit’s shoulder, rabbit jumps. Offered drink (red wine/blood/cocktail) from tray held by servant.

Takes tour of house. Passes study, hall full of paintings, rabbit mesmerized, deer and rabbit heads on walls. Lingers excitedly in kitchen full of food. Goes to bathroom, takes off mask and looks at himself in mirror. Fear then stern. (Takes drink from hip flask?) Looks out window, sees poor rabbit silhouettes foraging/breeding. Determinedly straps mask back on and goes back out.

Candle flicker (foreshadowing). Takes his seat at dinner table next to alpha, opposite cub friend. Other animals sat at table in masks: deer, peacock, raccoon. Rabbit enjoys his soup a lot, red, starts to relax and feel confident.

Main course is served by chef. Big reveal, cosh removed. Almost dead rabbit served (head still on). Rabbit shocked and slightly worried. Very tense. Alpha carves rabbit, final breath (sound design – breath-like – stop!). Dropped onto rabbit’s plate. Looks around table terrified, trembling, takes deep breathe. Alpha signifies they can all start. Rabbit sees other animals eat meat. Alpha looking at him funnily so he has to eat. Picks up knife. Cuts tiny piece of meat. Pulls up to face slowly. Sniffs meat, gulps. Wolves looking. Quickly puts in his mouth. Cuts to black.

Back in, Tearing meat difficultly with rabbit teeth. Covered in blood. Gets carried away enjoying food.

Everyone’s smiling at dinner table. Dessert is served. Baked Alaska. Chef lights rabbit’s dessert. He smiles up at wolves then leans in to smell the dessert. Suddenly whisker catches fire. Oh no! Tries blowing it out. Wolves look shocked, person next to him tries to help. Starts to panic. Flame reaches mask. Countdown. Awkward. Wife looking awkwardly. Rabbit starting to freak out. Mask catches alight. Rabbit whips off mask to the floor, person next to him throws water on it. Pause. Oh shit. Everyone around the table speechless, shocked. Cub anxious/disappointed. Rabbit annoyed/scared. Alpha angry. Pounces on rabbit. Bloodshed. Wife wipes splash of blood with napkin. Other guests watch silently.

Later alpha sitting (either at desk or by pool overlooking land) with cigar. Dead rabbit remains next to him? Takes off mask to reveal slightly less ideal wolf beneath. (maybe reflection in water).


Start in the middle

‘Life of Brian’ – women in beards


My current story sets up that being a wolf isn’t desirable – expected punishment for rabbit

Thatcher – get people to buy their own council house – labour converted to conservative – rabbits converted to foxes – wolves would want to convert rabbits, would be a very harsh move

Topic/theme – middle hot thing, identity, social advancement

Must renounce what’s left behind

colour palette – middle conflict

Gentile wolf family

Parents to be convinced

What is it about wolf life that’s attractive? Not a wolf, you’re a nobody, everyone pretending to be a wolf

Compromised animals who aren’t being themselves

Prey instinct – resolution?

anything – imbalance – people join in – what do they sacrifice?

‘Wolf in sheep clothing’ – opposite story

Simple – house = rabbit death world, heads on wall, skin rugs ect.

superseed wolves? – Animal Farm

Demonstrate why it’s better to be a wolf

TENSION – mask gets you through the door, once through then what?! – May, Trump!

Does the rabbit do a better job than actual wolves?

Aung San Suu Kyi



Moral question – what are you willing to sacrifice?

Jung – redefining identity

Can’t eat

  1. imposter
  2. wolf family – challenge ideology/world view

2 opposites – 2 sides 1 character – wolf/rabbit

Why does the rabbit want to be a wolf ? – upper class have leisure/industry because they eat meat, don’t have to eat all the time/forage, unlike rabbits


Throwing the cat among the pigeons is a British idiom used to describe a disturbance caused by an undesirable person from the perspective of a group.

Wolf mask reveals wolf – sociopolitical – not born as – socially fabricated – rules/conventions

CONTRAST – needs to stay awkward

Rabbit about to bite rabbit meat – duck at door

Could leave it on a series of options for the audience – keep it slightly loose

Society – post war British – social mobility, don’t have to work in factories anymore – ascend social ladder – problems changing social identity – (also family)

Ralph Steadman – Dad and baby – rabbit creates better life for himself though may alienate himself from rabbit world

Science about happines – always on same scale pretty much – lotter/injury – wolves just as miserable


start things up – get resonance

Sacrificing self to advance – what do you have to sacrifice? – nothing is free (no meal is free)

2 groups: money and power group, and artist and lovers – contrasts two world views then sees behind curtain – not all that great


provoke thought

limited colour – fascism – red, white, black

dinner table – simple design!


Structure is too conventional and mechanical

Theme – societal expectation – breaking chains of conformity

Going to be hard to make, lots of characters, even if can duplicate

Fat rabbit becomes fat enough to eat. How is does he get fatter? Been fattened? Then the wolves would feed the rabbits – Battery farm – in boxes being fed


No development on the fact the protagonist rabbit has become badb-b what makes him change?

Not conforming – poisoning wolves

Animal Farm – whole story is watching the pigs become bad – important

2 importants bits:

  1. snapping
  2. bad at the end


Recognize what’s being said

Hellish to make

Rules to move on (potentially):

  1. only 1 rabbit
  2. 1 wolf
  3. lots of carrots

Audience understand conventions – turn around.

Do they want to eat each other? What do they want from each other?

not wolfish enough? 1 thing that doesn’t conform

Conversation about lack of social mobility nowadays

Class – what associations with class?