Start in the middle

‘Life of Brian’ – women in beards


My current story sets up that being a wolf isn’t desirable – expected punishment for rabbit

Thatcher – get people to buy their own council house – labour converted to conservative – rabbits converted to foxes – wolves would want to convert rabbits, would be a very harsh move

Topic/theme – middle hot thing, identity, social advancement

Must renounce what’s left behind

colour palette – middle conflict

Gentile wolf family

Parents to be convinced

What is it about wolf life that’s attractive? Not a wolf, you’re a nobody, everyone pretending to be a wolf

Compromised animals who aren’t being themselves

Prey instinct – resolution?

anything – imbalance – people join in – what do they sacrifice?

‘Wolf in sheep clothing’ – opposite story

Simple – house = rabbit death world, heads on wall, skin rugs ect.

superseed wolves? – Animal Farm

Demonstrate why it’s better to be a wolf

TENSION – mask gets you through the door, once through then what?! – May, Trump!

Does the rabbit do a better job than actual wolves?

Aung San Suu Kyi



Moral question – what are you willing to sacrifice?

Jung – redefining identity

Can’t eat

  1. imposter
  2. wolf family – challenge ideology/world view

2 opposites – 2 sides 1 character – wolf/rabbit

Why does the rabbit want to be a wolf ? – upper class have leisure/industry because they eat meat, don’t have to eat all the time/forage, unlike rabbits


Throwing the cat among the pigeons is a British idiom used to describe a disturbance caused by an undesirable person from the perspective of a group.

Wolf mask reveals wolf – sociopolitical – not born as – socially fabricated – rules/conventions

CONTRAST – needs to stay awkward

Rabbit about to bite rabbit meat – duck at door

Could leave it on a series of options for the audience – keep it slightly loose

Society – post war British – social mobility, don’t have to work in factories anymore – ascend social ladder – problems changing social identity – (also family)

Ralph Steadman – Dad and baby – rabbit creates better life for himself though may alienate himself from rabbit world

Science about happines – always on same scale pretty much – lotter/injury – wolves just as miserable


start things up – get resonance

Sacrificing self to advance – what do you have to sacrifice? – nothing is free (no meal is free)

2 groups: money and power group, and artist and lovers – contrasts two world views then sees behind curtain – not all that great


provoke thought

limited colour – fascism – red, white, black

dinner table – simple design!


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