Week 6 – Film Reflection

To do:

  • film language
  • pacing 
  • sound
  • cut down/refine story

oppressive regime

  • Maus – Art Spiegelman – shallow metaphor

my film – metaphorical – too loose


bring in more specific stuff, other than primal verge to survive – hard to be sympathetic

cyclic nature – more

What if the wolves weren’t looking after the rabbits? Do rabbits fulfil certain role/fuction?

– The Butterfly Effect! – If mess with one thing in system what will happen? 


get freedom – goes wrong?!

THEME – audience play with it


does work – protest – better/worse solution

net result = not improvement but role reversal

open debate


bring more – boring at the moment



-Watership Down – ambiguous – assume for kids but more morbid/bleak

  • a world of ruthless tyranny and brave rebellion
  • a world of incredible courage and mortal fear
  • curious resemblance to human world
  • unusual and provocative
  • exciting adventure and desperate conflict
  • trauma – survival – everything rabbits can do to find better life for themselves
  • highly serious tone
  • focal point = journey and perils
  • own laws and philosophies – totally rabbit world
  • dramatic life of rabbit
  • hyperrealistic design as close to reality
  • not appealing look upon what’s actually going on – POV of rabbit – not pretty
  • rabbits individually unique in design
  • human emotions – audience identify – brutality of fight scenes/when fall in hands of prey
  • minimal colour palette – set tone
  • characters each have different characteristics


What going to do with conflict/characters?

relationship – motivating force – human

Don’t try to solve it – you won’t – just say something

Why treat each other like this? See where it gets us…

serious? comical?

Saul Steinberg


On the outside we’re one thing, on the inside, something else. General point – what human existence is about.

Sometimes one animal, then scared rabbit, then wolf.

DECIDE – what you want to use the metaphor for? approached the wrong way round


Cafe Bar, Alison De Vere:


observing human condition rather than thinking about narrative

How are you doing it?

character design…

current animatic – too complicated – conflict – too many different directions

metaphor for capitalism

rabbits overthrow, start working for themselves

basic structure – could work with point trying to make

clothes work well

need to engage with characters – introduce 1 character

narrative – introduce world we already recognise – at one removed

build up – exposition stuff – introduce world

what sparks revolution?!!! to change things

basic structure – ok – pull apart technically

1 clear character – either side – other wolves subordinate

then see something fight against oppression

hang onto narrative thread


  1. introduce world – exposition – rabbits oppressed
  2. something sparks change
  3. resolution
  • arc – plan to overthrow oppressive regime of wolves

1 idea trying to put across

oppressed and oppressors

what trying to do = change!!!          once basic structure

rabbits – metaphor – gas chamber – Auschwitz 

better? – cooking up own meat, killing each other, more reason to overthrow wolves

once basic structure, plot points, can go anywhere

totally simplify then expand


distill and make simpler

always keep sight if something will deviate. 


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