How I Live Now

There are aspects within this story that resemble my plan. I may also consider making the film about someone else instead of oneself. 

Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth (who goes by the name of Daisy) is sent to stay with cousins on a remote farm in the United Kingdom during the outbreak of a fictional third world war of the 21st century. Though enthusiastic about moving away from an evil stepmother who is with child, Daisy is homesick at first. First meeting Edmond at the airport, Daisy calls him “some kind of mutt”; however, her view of Edmond changes after settling in. Daisy’s homesickness only lasts for a short while before she and her extended family become close, and Daisy begins to embrace her new home. Daisy soon finds herself falling in love with cousin Edmond and, after realising that the affection is mutual, begins a relationship with him.

Meanwhile, the family receives news that Daisy’s aunt Penn is stranded in Oslo. During this period of time, terrorists attack from an unknown enemy who lateroccupies Britain. The war becomes increasingly difficult for Daisy and her family as it increasingly affects their lives, eventually leading to food shortages and lack of other resources, but they still have love. One day, the farm is taken over by soldiers who separate the boys from the girls by sending them away to live at separate homes, and then separate farms. Daisy and Piper are forced to put survival as their top priority and cannot look for the male members of their family. Gradually finding their way back home, the two girls learn the harsh consequences of war and wait for their beloved family in the barn house. After the war ends, Daisy must deal with putting the pieces of her life back together and overcoming the terrible experience of war as she reunites with the forever changed members of her family, including a physically and emotionally scarred Edmond.

Near the end of the book, Daisy (who had been pulled back to America by her father) goes back to England to see Edmond and the rest. Edmond, who thinks Daisy has broken their promise of always being together, refuses to see Daisy at first. However, he discovers the truth and accepts her once again. With scars on his arm that proved Edmond experienced harsh sights of war, Daisy begins to heal Edmond’s heart with her love. Instead of going back to America, Daisy continues to live with Edmond and the rest of the family in England where she will remain.


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