Idea Developed

I would like to include a similar structural approach as in Dead Man, beginning with and inflict of death, then following the protagonists journey dealing with this, concluding in their death.

The film starts with the protagonist, a young woman finding out she has terminal cancer and only several weeks to live. She screws her normal life and treatments, goes on a journey to fulfil herself and do everything she wants to do, blowing all money she has. Later she discovers her cancer gone and she’s recovererd, however now finding herself uncomfortably broke, and having supposedly fulfilled herself, having to continue life again lost. it questions whether we can really be content with life at this young age (or can make ourselves be).
I like the twist of the recovery while the audience may expect a death, the following struggle and feeling of lostness and isolation may also resonate with the audience. However, I also felt a little sad when William Blake died in Dead Man, and again I could challenge such fulfilment on this journey, hopefully also evoking emotion within the audience. I suppose at this stage I will not tie myself down to a specific climax…
3 parts: inflict of death, journey of self fulfilment, death
or 4 pats: inflict of death, journey of self fullfillmnet, recovery, repercussions (this may challenge a linear narrative?)

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