Dead Man



An old man (about to die) who is content with life = BORING

approach it to someone young – a life cut short/not lived

‘Dead Man’ – mournful, poetic, (odd humour)

strategy determines structure 

morph observation

journey = cycle. VISION

empathy with audience

consider THEMES!!!

This idea has developed to explore immortality and life and death. I am circling the theme and interest of being content with one’s life and being able to accept one’s fate of the inevitable. However an old man, leader of his tribe who was fulfilled by his life and ready to die made for a boring story. I have decided to make the protagonist young, not fulfilled and still hoping to find fulfilment in life, suddenly and surprisingly about to die.

Structurally in Dead Man, Blake is shot at the beginning but not enough to kill him, goes on a journey of his last days, and dies at the end. People keep dying along the way. It is still sad when it is time for him to die at the end.


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