Adaptation: ‘Giselle’

A modern adaptation of act 1 from the ballet ‘Giselle’:
 (Giselle  sketch)
Act 1: Giselle is one of a community of outcasted migrants, once factory workers who now can only fuction as exotic entertainment for the controlling factory landlords, oppressed by a wall which cuts them off from society and peace, in a ghostly factory setting.
(wall sketch)
Act 2: A wealthy boy from the other side of the wall disguises as an outcast and visits Giselle, though Giselle’s supposed lover, one of the landlords, notices this.
(Landlord sketches)
Act 3: The Outcast dancing for the landlords is interrupted by conflict between the two men. The landlord (Giselle’s lover) orders the Outcasts to circle Giselle.
Act 4:When the crowd emerges Giselle’s corpse is revealed.
(ghost in the wall sketch)
believe that key themes are the wall and separation, and oppression and control from those above us.
I would be interested in creating a dystopian world, drama and tragedy through sound design and exploring the power of dance and body movement.)
Determine the central theme of the film before developing further
Too long for a short film
Focus ideas a lot more
What kind of separation? From family/country/sanity? And who is ‘above’ us?
  • Separation from society, civilisation and peace, by a vast wall
  • Oppression by the land owners of the land which the Outcasts now occupy, people of power, wealth and state
  • Exploitation of exotic dancers


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